ColorWare Introduces Ability To Customize AirPods In 58 Different Colors

2017-02-23 1175 Posted by 3uTools

One of the more common requests for AirPods has been additional color options. Apple only offers them in the standard white option, but concepts have imagined AirPods in such colors as Jet Black.

Now, popular aftermarket coloring service ColorWare has announced the ability to customize AirPods with 58 different color options... The company announced the support for AirPods customization today on Twitter, explaining that it was a difficult process. 

On the company’s website, you can customize both the left and right earbud to whatever of the 58 colors you desire. The two buds don’t have to match each other. You can also choose what type of finish you want applied to the AirPods, with glossy and matte available .ColorWare is offering a variety of colors, including Jet Black, a variety of reds, oranges, greens, blue, pinks, and grays. You can choose between either solid colors or metallic.

ColorWare Introduces Ability To Customize AirPods In 58 Different Colors

Furthermore, you can customize the case of the AirPods at an additional cost. The same color options are available, so you could either match everything or go crazy and have a different color for each bud and the case.

The pricing starts at $289 for customization of the two earbuds only. If you want to customize the color of the case, you’ll have to tack an additional $30 onto that price for a total of $319. Both of these prices are including the AirPods. At this point, it doesn’t appear that you can ship in your current AirPods for painting, but rather only buy AirPods and painting through ColorWare.

As of this post, the shipping window is currently at 6 weeks. We’ve gone hands-on with some of ColorWare’s previous work, including Jet Black Apple accessories such as the Magic Keyboard. The company has made a name for itself in customizing Apple products with addition color choices and it’s nice to see that level of customization come to the AirPods, as well. One thing worth noting here is that painting your AirPods will likely void the Apple warranty.

Source: 9to5mac

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