Apple TV May Get 4K Video This Year

2017-02-17 2815 Posted by Reposted

The next Apple TV could finally get a feature that's been available on competing devices for almost two years.

That feature is 4K resolution output, also known as Ultra High Definition, which would likely allow the device to stream the highest-quality video available from services like Netflix and YouTube to compatible 4K TVs.

A new Apple TV box with 4K and "more vivid colors" will be available "as soon as this year," according to Bloomberg. An Apple representative declined to comment on the report.

Apple TV May Get 4K Video This Year

4K video streams from services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Vudu have been available for years. Netflix was the first to debut 4K streaming in April 2014, followed by Amazon and YouTube in 2015. They deliver improved video quality compared to standard high-definition streams. The quality improvement is often tough to discern in our testing, however, and to see it at all requires a 4K TV. 4K also requires a relatively fast internet connection and, in some cases like Netflix, a more expensive subscription tier.

Despite its relatively high price of $150, the current Apple TV doesn't offer 4K video, an omission we noted in our review when the device debuted in October 2015. That was five months after the introduction of the first 4K streaming device, the original Nvidia Shield. Since then numerous 4K-capable competitors have hit the market, including the $60 Chromecast Ultra, the $80 Roku Premiere and the $100 Amazon Fire TV. Most 4K TVs also have 4K-capable apps.

Source: cnet

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